Trying to find the information that you need regarding water pipe fittings online can be a tiresome and complex task. Having to wade through all of the unnecessary jargon is enough to make anyone simply plump for the first option they see.

However, before you give up, find out more about MDPE pipe fittings in the article below, without all of the complicated terminologies.

Here are 5 things you need to know about MDPE pipe fittings.

  1. MDPE has very detailed specifications

MDPE or Medium-density polyethylene is a type of plastic that has a very specific density. It is this density that makes it so proficient in water pipe and water fittings works. Its density, which ranges from 0.926 to 0.940 grams per cm2 means that it is lighter than other plastic alternatives.

It is a relatively new material in the pipe and fittings industry but is proving to be fantastically efficient.

  1. MDPE pipe fittings are immensely popular

Pipe fittings made from MDPE are being used with more frequency than ever. In fact, many commercial, industrial and residential properties in the United Kingdom are replacing their lead water main pipes and fittings with this strong alternative material.

  1. MDPE pipe fittings are very durable

MDPE pipes and fittings have a high impact resistance body, which means that they are able to absorb significant thermal and mechanical pressures. And despite this fantastic durability, they also have a malleable nature, which helps overcome tricky installation issues. So, MDPE is extremely strong and will rarely require maintenance but is also very pliable and is easy to install in tight spaces. Impressive right?

  1. MDPE Pipe fittings can be recycled

Perhaps the most important and advantageous characteristic of MDPE pipes and fittings is that they can be recycled. This is a key feature in the 21st century, where a number of governments have cracked down on non-recyclable material in the industrial sector.

  1. MDPE pipe fittings are a cheap option

Compared to other materials used in water pipes and fittings, MDPE is a very cheap option. Steel, copper and bronze are often used in for pipes and fittings and while they perhaps look more attractive than MDPE, they are also vastly more expensive. However, if you want to use MDPE for your fittings but are worried about its poor aesthetics, there is a remedy. You can now purchase MDPE pipes and fittings that have been given a cast iron effect.